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Creating the right LinkedIn profile

How to create the right LinkedIn profile

If you are in the corporate world, your LinkedIn profile is pretty much your digital identity and a platform to showcase your personal brand.

Unfortunately, many people don’t think of it that way.

People are under the false notion that LinkedIn is merely an outlet to copy and paste their CV, connect with a few people and call it a day. They often forget that the right LinkedIn profile can expose you to the right professionals, recruiters and hiring managers – those who can help you land your ideal job.

It isn’t too difficult to get your profile right. Here are some tips that you can implement with ease.

Use a professional photo

A picture speaks a thousand words – so use your best professional photo for LinkedIn. The picture should be clear, friendly and natural.

Make your title clear

When it comes to your job title, recruiters and other professionals will often search for specific keywords. If you want your profile to be at the top of the search results, make sure that your title matches your profile and is specific to your job.

Complete your profile

Don’t procrastinate. Leaving any parts out of your profile could hamper your chances at appearing in search rankings. Fill in every part, including your summary, skills, work experience and achievements, until you reach an “All Star” LinkedIn profile.  Keep updating it when required and ensure that there are no grammar or spelling errors. Your profile is your first impression, and you should treat it as a conversation opener for potential connections.

Be active and engage

Found an interesting article related to your field? Post it and share it with your audience. You can engage with your connections by liking, commenting, sharing their posts and endorsing their skills. You never know who’s looking at your profile, so ensure that you share optimistic content and build a positive image.

Context matters

Treat LinkedIn as a place to share your professional thoughts – not the latest meme (unless it’s an office-friendly meme of course). Sticking to context is important.

Connect with the right people

While it’s tempting to add people who are unrelated to your field – you should avoid doing this. You should build a community of professionals who can make use of your expertise, or benefit your career in a specific industry.

Add links

You can add links to both your summary and experience sections – this includes your portfolio, presentations, blog, YouTube channel and anything else that is relevant. It will add an extra touch to help you stand out.

You can also use these tips for any relevant corporate profile online. We hope this helps!

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