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Tips for your next job interview


  1. Dressing inappropriately
  2. Arriving late
  3. Not paying attention
  4. Using your phone during the interview
  5. Leaving your cell phone on
  6. Not knowing anything about the company
  7. Not showing enough interest or enthusiasm
  8. Not being prepared to answer questions
  9. Lying about your skills, experience and/or knowledge
  10. Failing to remember what you wrote on your own resume
  11. Inquiring about benefits too soon
  12. Talking about salary requirements too soon
  13. Failing to make a strong case for why you are the best person for this job
  14. Being unable to explain how your strengths and abilities apply to the job in question
  15. Failing to listen to what the interviewer is saying
  16. Being unprepared to answer the standard questions.
  17. Appearing to be too nervous or too confident
  18. Saying “you know,” “like,” “um” and “I guess.”
  19. Forgetting the name of the interviewer
  20. Complaining that you were kept waiting
  21. Over-explaining why you lost you last job.
  22. Bad-mouthing past employers.
  23. Sounding rehearsed.
  24. Failing to ask for the job.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Can you tell me about yourself?
  2. What are your strengths?
  3. What are your weaknesses?
  4. Why do you want to work here?
  5. What do you know about our company?
  6. What are your salary requirements?
  7. Why are you leaving your current job? Or, why did you leave your previous job?
  8. What are your goals? Or, where do you see yourself in five years time?

Most Important Interview Tips

  1. Do research on the company before the interview.
  2. Review your qualifications for the job
  3. Have a specific position in mind that you’d like to fill
  4. Review common interview questions and prepare responses
  5. Prepare questions to ask at the end of the interview.
  6. Be authentic, focused, confident and concise
  7. Remember body language. Effective forms of body language: smiling, eye-contact, solid posture, active listening
  8. Follow-up after the interview through email or regular mail.
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